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INTERACT – EVENT 6: Stakeholder Workshop

INTERACT: Inclusion Through Environmental Activities, 2013-2015
Europe for Citizens Programme, Action 2, Measure 3, Decision No 2013 2474/ 001-001

EVENT 6 – Stakeholder Workshop: Exchange of experiences and good practices on how to promote integration and unite European citizens through environmental events and activities

The workshop was held on Tuesday, 18th of November 2014, at the Classic Hotel, in Nicosia. In total, the Event 6 involved 34 social stakeholders, including 28 from the city of Nicosia (Cyprus), 2 from the city of Limassol (Cyprus), 1 from the city of Athens (Greece), 1 from the city of Spoleto (Italy) and 2 from the city of Ascoli Piceno (Italy). The 34 participants that were invited and attended the workshop, represented different local and public authorities, universities, environmental and social NGOs, embassies and private bodies. Invitations were also sent in advance to the Mass Media of the country and two radio announcements were made on 12th November 2014 through (1) MYCYradio, ‘Environment for ALL’ morning broadcast and (2) Chanel 6 radio, ‘Para Oin’ alos’ afternoon broadcast.

The workshop was aiming at identifying and recording parameters and indicators of social inclusion deriving from the analysis of successful good practices that could support stakeholders and decision-makers in designing relevant projects and strategic plans. Environment was used as a common EU value and as a tool for promoting employment and integration of the EU citizens. Good practices and successful projects of social inclusion were presented by the keynote speakers from Italy, Greece and Cyprus.

During the Stakeholder Workshop the results and conclusions of the INTERACT project were presented and the project’s documentary was screened. DVDs with the project’s documentary were disseminated by post to more than 40 stakeholders in Cyprus and Italy.

The structure of the workshop was based on two questions:

  1. Which are the characteristics and the parameters which make a social inclusion action successful?
  2. How is the success of such a practise measured? What are the indicators showing it?

Regarding the parameters please find below the first 6 out of 28 which were identified and recorded during the Stakeholder Workshop:

  1. The actions to be implemented in a convenient place and time for the target group – the immigrants.
  2. To create a friendly environment and respect the religion and the culture of the immigrants so that they feel welcome.
  3. Provide information in the language of the immigrants. Increase of the kinetic activities instead of the verbal communication.
  4. Minimum or no cost of participation in the activities.
  5. Provision of motives and identification of the opportunities and prospects which are created for the immigrants.
  6. Adequate marketing and branding for the increase of the participation.

The participants identified the six important indicators which determine whether a practise is considered successful or not.

  1. The practice to be sustainable, i.e. to have continuity.
  2. To have specific, clean motives and targets.
  3. Have measurable results.
  4. To be able to duplicate and applied to other areas.
  5. To have data and statistics available.
  6. The impact to the world, networking and partnerships created.

View the workshop agenda here and the press release here.

Read the welcome speech of Mr. Aristos Tsiartas, Head of the Anti – Discrimination Body

Read the keynote speech of Ms Nasia Dionysiou, Officer of the Anti – Discrimination Body

View relevant media publications in Cyprus and Italy:

politis newspaper_15.11.2014

politis newspaper_22.11.2014

GSI_Articolo Il Resto Del Carlino 03 12 2014

AVANT Garde_p.32_January2015

Certificates of participation were given to all participants. The results and photos of the workshop were posted in the project’s partners and other stakeholders’ Facebook pages.

The Event 6: Stakeholder Workshop was implemented within the framework of the ‘INTERACT’ project funded by the European Union and with the support of the Anti – Discrimination Body (Cyprus Ombudsman office). View below photos of the Event 6:

The INTERACT’s final partners meeting was held in Nicosia (Cyprus) on 18th November 2014.

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