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Coast Alert

Coast Alert

Date: May 2011 - December 2011

Funded by: EU through the Youth in Action Programme (Agreement no. CY-12-04-2011-R1)
Role of AKTI in the project: Coordinator
Other partners: Diogenes Youth Club

The EU funded project Coast Alert: Acting Regionally in a European Context.

Acting Regionally in a European Context

AKTI Project and Research Centre is the promoter and coordinator of the project under the title: Coast Alert: Acting Regionally in a European Context (agreement no. CY-12-04-2011-R1), which is supported by the EU Program, Youth in Action.

For the implementation of this project AKTI is cooperating with ‘Diogenes Youth Club’ from Sinop in Turkey. The project will support interaction, constructive dialog and team work among the youth on several coastal issues, and will ensure the transfer of experiences, knowledge and results to the other youth and the general public of Cyprus and Turkey.

The aim of the project is to raise awareness and educate the youth in scientific areas such as coastal conservation and management. Issues related to the coastal ecosystem, the importance of integrated coastal zone management in the Mediterranean region and the impact of our lifestyle, choices and activities on our local and surrounding environment will be raised and discussed among the youth.

The project will take place in Cyprus and Turkey between mid May 2011 and October 2011, where visits/trainings, workshops and awareness raising activities will be organized:

  1. 5 days visit of 5 participants from Diogenes Youth Club in Cyprus.
  2. 2 day workshop for youth on coastal zone issues.
  3. Field trip and Wrap-up Event at a coast in Pafos which will include coast games, beach clean-up and education session on the nature and features of the visited coast as well as of other coasts of the island.

Download the project’s poster/leaflet ‘We love our coasts!’
Read the booklet ‘Create your green job!’ prepared by the ‘Coast Alert’ Youth

To watch Coast Alert covered on BIZ programme, CYBC: