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Date: 2002 – 2003

Funded by: Bi-communal Development Programme, funded by USAID and UNDP and executed by UNOPS
Role of AKTI in the project: Facilitator
Other partners: AMEDEAST

Water experts from both sides of the island cooperating through the use of a shared water database system called ENVIS (Environmental Information System).

This project focused on the electronic water resources database (ENVIS) located in the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment Departments of Meteorology, Geological Survey and Water Development.

AKTI undertook the following tasks and responsibilities:

  1. Provided data-entry personnel to work on a part-time basis to enter water data into ENVIS.
  2. Provided a full –time professional computer programmer to support ENVIS implementation.
  3. Selected the data-entry personnel and computer programmer, schedule work hours, and pay the personnel for their work.
  4. Followed all applicable employment laws and regulations of the Government of Cyprus.
  5. Monitored project process and meet with the Program Technical Advisor and/ or USGS’s Logistics Specialist to review progress and discuss problems encountered.
  6. Documented data entry progress by the number of data fields entered per data-entry personnel.
  7. Provided the Logistics Specialist with an invoice for the work performed each month.
  8. Reentered any data that do not meet quality assurance standards.
  9. Maintained any/all insurance required by local law.