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Green Cyclists and Excursionists

Green Cyclists and Excursionists

Date: April 2002 – June 2003

Funded by: European Union through the Youth Programme, Action 3, Youth Initiatives (CY-31-07-2001-R5)
Role of AKTI in the project: Coordinator

Raising awareness of cyclists and excursionists regarding the conservation and protection of the environment.

The aim of this initiative was to organize actions to raise cyclists and excursionists’ environmental awareness.

The cyclist comes in daily contact with the environment in areas usually inaccessible and / or inaccessible to the car. It thus has the opportunity to see the “unseen” side for most areas such as poor cleaning and increased accumulation of garbage from accidental or uncontrolled discharges. Finally, a cyclist / excursionist is an integral and important part of a potential problem affecting the surrounding area which is visited by having the ability either to protect or to add to the stress.

Through this new initiative and the organized carried out actions, AKTI aims at supporting the recognition of the negative impact of human activity on the environment, and encouraging excursionists to become guardians of the environment at the place of visit.

The main activities of this initiate include:

  1. Informational Trips and Litter Cleaning
  2. Printing of Materials (brochure, poster, Wizard) and public distribution
  3. Participation in the event “go to town without my car!”
  4. Networking with youth organizations abroad
  5. Workshop on Environmental issues
  6. Evaluation of the initiative

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