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The World Climate Changes and We Care

The World Climate Changes and We Care

Date: September 2010 – November 2011

Funded by: EU through the Youth in Action Programme (Agreement no. CY-12-06-2010-R3)
Role of AKTI in the project: Applicant/Coordinator
Other partners: Frederick University, Europe Direct Cyprus

Raise awareness among the youth of Cyprus to work for the protection of the global climate, ‘Youth in Action’ Prog.

The Youth Initiative “The world climate changes and we care” is an integrated campaign of AKTI implemented with the support of the EU ‘Youth in Action’ Programme (CY-12-06-2010-R3). It is aiming at raising awareness among the youth of Cyprus to work for the protection of the global climate. During the campaign several information and education activities took place spreading the message to the young consumers and the general public that by changing some simple things in our daily lives and adopting a greener lifestyle, we can make a real difference and thus contributing at the protection of the global climate.

In particular, the main actions implemented during the project are as follows:

  1. Creation and distribution of a poster-calendar 2011 including advices/tips for young people on how to tackle climate changes and be part of the solution.
  2. Online knowledge quiz for youth, available from on water consumption and desertification.
  3. Knowledge competition for youth on climate changes through a newspaper.
  4. Interactive environmental afternoon with a theater/music act dedicated to the World Water Day (22nd of March) in Ledra Street (Nicosia).
  5. Presentations and educational activities for elementary schools.
  6. Participation in many environmental festivals and info-days informing the people on climate changes and water saving.
  7. IT and media campaign.
  8. On 19th October 2011, in Frederick University, the educational interactive youth workshop ‘Climate changes and we care!’ was implemented as an additional dissemination activity of the current project. More than 55 youth between 18 and 26 years old participated in the workshop which was co-organised by AKTI and the Frederick University and supported by the Youth in Action Programme, the Argonautis Programme and the Europe Direct Cyprus.

The youth of the Initiative will continue working for changing the current pattern of natural resources usage towards a more sustainable way of living.

A roadmap for a resource-efficient Europe (in Greek)

For the invitation of the educational youth workshop ‘Climate changes and we care!’ 19 October 2011, Frederick University of Nicosia, click here

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