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Youth in Action for Sustainable Living

Youth in Action for Sustainable Living

Date: April 2009- August 2010

Funded by: EU through the Youth in Action Programme (Agreement no. CY-12-15-2008-R5)
Role of AKTI in the project: Applicant/Coordinator
Other partners: NA

Stimulate awareness among the youth of Cyprus on the importance of coastal environment, ‘Youth in Action’ Programme

April 2009- June 2010

AKTI is the promoter and coordinator of the project under the title: Youth in Action for Sustainable Living, which is supported by the European Union through the Youth in Action Programme.

The project aims to stimulate awareness among the youth of Cyprus on the importance of coastal environment in Cyprus and emphasize the importance of exercise by encouraging physical activity and in particular sea sports and activities along the beach. The methodological approach during the implementation of the project and the deliverables will be produced in such a way as to become easily used by other youth, schools and NGOs that would like to spread the message of a healthy life by including physical activity in our everyday life.  International School of Pafos cooperates with AKTI in the program: youth leaders from AKTI will work together with a group of school children aged from 15 to 17 years old, to implement a pilot application on site, i.e. on a beach.

Some of the activities of the project include:

  1. Practice of sports, games and physical exercise along the beach coordinated by a specialized coach.
  2. Motivate discussion among the youth on the physical activities that can be practiced on the beach in order to adopt a healthier lifestyle.
  3. Motivate research: the participant youth will be supported to find information of the beach they will visit on environment, history etc, they will take pictures and get to know the area. The aim is to encourage youth to learn about our natural environment. The better you know the more you love!
  4. Island-wide celebrations of the  International Coast Day (24 October) and special event at the International School of Pafos
  5. Create the guide:  “How to exercise on the beach”
  6. Dissemination will run throughout the project, with contact with Mass Media in order to publish articles or participate to TV and radio programs describing the project, websites, e-newsletters and networking.
  7. At the end of the project a wrap-up event will be organized, coinciding with the International Environment Day (6th of June) where the Guide and the results of the work of the students will be presented to the Mass Media and Local Authorities

The project is open for ideas and more cooperation with NGOs and youth. For more information contact AKTI Project and Research Centre

Relevant articles prepared and published for promoting the targets of the project

  1. Youth in Action for Sustainable Living-Announcement (available in Greek)
  2. Obesity in children (available in Greek)

Practice and Play on the Beach Guide

The guide “ Practice and Play on the Beach” is ready! The Guide was created within the framework of the project “Youth in Action for Sustainable Living” which is carried out by AKTI Project and Research Centre and funded under the program Youth in Action Programme- Action 1 – Youth for Europe- sub Action 1.2 – Youth Initiative. The Guide is available only in Greek. Check the Greek version of this portal for copy of the guide.

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