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AdvocaCY’s second co-creation café
Nov 2

AdvocaCY’s second co-creation café

On October 31st, at the picturesque Gardens of the Future, AdvocaCY hosted its second Co-Creation Café. This gathering brought together Civil Society Organizations and informal groups in a dedicated quest for inspiration, innovation, and exchange of ideas.

The event’s central theme revolved around knowledge sharing, emphasizing best practices for capacity building on sustainability and addressing climate change-related issues. A key objective was to explore collaborative opportunities between smaller and larger CSOs, all working towards a sustainable future.

As participants engaged in lively discussions, shared insights, and collaborated on various activities, the positive impact of this initiative became evident.

The second Co-Creation Café concluded this inspiring series. The valuable connections and innovative ideas that came out of these gatherings will continue to influence the realm of activism and change-making.

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