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AKTI’s “Green Enough” Event: A Day To Remember!
Nov 1

AKTI’s “Green Enough” Event: A Day To Remember!

Green Enough: A pioneering initiative for the social inclusion of individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities

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In a first of its kind event on October 31st, AKTI Project and Research Centre, set the stage for promoting the inclusion of individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities (IDDs) through environmental actions, as part of the “Green Enough” European Project.

Held at the Gardens of the Future in Nicosia, the event gathered local and international organisations, professionals specializing in working with individuals with IDDs, NGOs, and informal groups dedicated to special education, social inclusion, and environmental issues.

The event featured the presentation of research results conducted in May 2023. The study involved more than 60 key stakeholders from Greece, Poland, Portugal, and Lithuania, who work closely with individuals with IDDs. The research unveiled a prevailing consensus among respondents, indicating an urgent requirement for tailored educational resources aimed at enhancing environmental awareness among individuals with IDDs. Encouraging the adoption of eco-friendly habits in their daily lives can serve as a powerful tool for their inclusion in environmental discourse and actions, as well as in overall political participation.

Based on the research findings, AKTI, in collaboration with its program partner, PLOES, is currently in the process of developing educational materials for professionals working with individuals with IDDs and their families. This educational program aims to equip them will the essential skills and knowledge to educate individuals with IDDs about eco-friendly habits they can integrate into their daily routines, while also providing vital support tools for their inclusion and representation.

During the event, AKTI presented the key themes of its educational materials and shared best practices in environmental education. Dr. Xenia I. Loizidou led an engaging participatory workshop, “Decision Support: Environmental Education for Promoting the Social Inclusion of Individuals with IDDs.” The event wrapped up with a networking activity and a lunch. Throughout these activities, AKTI showcased interactive scientific practices related to sustainability.

About the Green Enough project

‘Green Enough: Educational program to raise ecological behaviour through an inclusive methodology using Augmented Reality Technology’ project, is co-funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ Programme KA220-ADU – Cooperation partnerships in adult education. It aims to create educational materials for professionals working with individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities (IDDs) and their families. These materials will equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to educate individuals with IDD about environmentally friendly practices they can incorporate into their daily lives. The educational materials will encompass widely accepted practices (e.g., seminars) in combination with an innovative Augmented Reality application. The program is being carried out through the strategic collaboration of seven European partners from five different countries: Cyprus, Greece, Poland, Portugal, and Belgium.

For more information, please visit the program’s website ( and AKTI’s website.

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