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Dec 12

«Awareness Raising Measures for Water Saving» project joins the UNV film festival!

The footage from the workshop event of the project AWARENESS RAISING MEASURE FOR WATER SAVING, which is run and coordinated by AKTI Project and Research Centre and the TC Chamber of Environmental Engineers, was selected for the online UNV film festival!

It was edited by UNV HQ and appear at the following UNV facebook page.

Document extract from UN facebook page

The online festival-which started at 14:00 GMT +12 on 4 December-crossed the globe, stopping in 12 time zones to see how voluntary action is making a difference in tackling challenges related to environment, hunger, education, maternal health, gender equality, and HIV/AIDs.

Fifth stop (GMT +4 to +2): Kenya and Cyprus.

The world is still on track to halve poverty rates by 2015, but the global economic crisis has slowed progress. In Welcome to Kibera a group of young Kenyan volunteers, who live in a slum of almost one million people, seek to shed light on the conditions where they live. 8 minutes.

Meanwhile, in Cyprus, volunteers from both sides of the conflict are working together, for the first time, to meet common environmental concerns – the most pressing of these being water resource management. This island faces increasing water shortages due to population growth and climate change. 8 minutes

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