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Press Release: Thriving by the Shore: AKTI Marks 23 Years of Environmental Impact!
Nov 29

Press Release: Thriving by the Shore: AKTI Marks 23 Years of Environmental Impact!

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Today, AKTI Project and Research Centre celebrated a remarkable 23 years of environmental initiatives along the picturesque Geroskipou Beach on November 29.

In a symbolic gesture, AKTI hosted the festivities at Geroskipou Beach, attracting over 200 participants who actively engaged in activities themed around the Sea and Sustainability.

Volunteers and organizations joined AKTI in paying tribute to its anniversary and recognizing the organization’s diverse contributions. Participants included students and educators from Agias Paraskevis Geroskipou Gymnasium, Second Elementary School of Geroskipou, and First Elementary School of Paphos, members of the Cyprus Autism Association, Geroskipou Adult Care Center, the Paphos Coastal Fishing Association, citizens, volunteers, and representatives from the Municipality. Attendees took part in beach cleaning initiatives and witnessed a captivating demonstration of a Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) courtesy of the SeaTecHub project.

The widely acclaimed “Tiganokinisi Caravan,” an educational and environmental program for collecting used cooking oils supported by Chevron’s Corporate Responsibility Program, left a lasting impression. Participants witnessed Tiganokinisi Caravan’s presentation, showcasing science experiments on converting used oil into biodiesel. The Tiganokinisi Caravan also offered scientific demonstrations promoting sustainable practices.

Dr. Xenia I. Loizidou, Chair of AKTI’s Board of Directors, expressed, “The substantial turnout and enthusiastic response to our invitation today are particularly touching, affirming that these 23 years of AKTI’s existence stand for 23 years of impactful work. The world’s support is our driving force to persist!”

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