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Press Release: AKTI and Norsensus Join Forces in Norway
Oct 23

Press Release: AKTI and Norsensus Join Forces in Norway

Unlocking Digital Potential to Enhance Citizen Participation

AKTI Project and Research Centre is thrilled to announce a dynamic collaboration with Norsensus Mediaforum, a Norwegian non-profit media organisation dedicated to promoting effective communication and public engagement, within the framework of the project ‘’Communication tools for effective public engagement and advocacy’’.

The two organisations have partnered again through the project ‘’AdvocaCY: Participate, learn, decide, challenge: stronger Cypriot civil society for sustainability, advocacy, and change!’’ which benefits from the Active Citizens Fund Cyprus programme. In this collaboration, AKTI conducted a comprehensive survey within the Civil Society of Cyprus, identifying critical needs for organisations and informal groups. Capacity building for maximizing public outreach, increasing digital communication proficiency, and introducing best practices for building synergies and networks are the top three gaps and needs identified by the 65 CSOs that participated in the survey.

Building on their excellent collaboration during the AdvocaCY project, and aiming to fill the identified gaps, the two organisations are joining forces once again. This new partnership empowers both AKTI and Norsensus by mutually sharing their know-how. AKTI’s team will travel to Oslo for hands-on training provided by Norsensus Mediaforum, focusing on practical tools. AKTI will provide expertise in sustainability, while Norsensus Mediaforum will offer training on effective digital communication and campaigning tools.

The ultimate goal is to not only strengthen the partnership between AKTI and Norsensus Mediaforum but also create a spill-over effect by sharing the acquired tools and knowledge with other CSOs across the island. The result will be a powerful knowledge transfer tool that empowers CSOs to enhance their
digital communication capacity and effectively engage with the public, thus addressing one of the three major gaps identified during the CSOs survey.

This initiative represents a significant step towards promoting citizen participation and engagement in Cyprus.

Active Citizens Fund
The Active Citizens Fund (ACF) in Cyprus is supported through a €1.5m grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway under the EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021, aiming to contribute to reducing economic and social disparities and strengthening bilateral relations and cooperation between the beneficiary states and the donor states. ACF Cyprus recognizes the fundamental role the civil society sector plays in ensuring democratic governance, human rights and social cohesion and focuses on the following two main objectives: strengthening civil society and active citizenship and empowering vulnerable groups in Cyprus.
The Fund Operator for the Active Citizens Fund in Cyprus is NGO Support Centre in consortium withGrantXpert Consulting. For more information, visit

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