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JUNIPERCY: Improving the conservation status of the priority habitat type 9560 in Cyprus

JUNIPERCY: Improving the conservation status of the priority habitat type 9560 in Cyprus

Date: 1st January 2012 - 30 June 2015


AKTI participated as partner in ‘JUNIPERCY’ project that was completed in 2015. It was implemented with support from the European Commission within the framework of the LIFE Programme (LIFE10 NAT/CY/717). To learn more on the Juniper tree and the project, please view the project’s documentary.

The specific objectives of the project were:

  1. To contribute to the consolidation and dissemination of a knowledge base for the protection, restoration, monitoring and evaluation of endemic forests with Juniperus spp. in Cyprus.
  2. To understand, quantify and halt natural and anthropogenic threats that contribute to the long term degradation of this habitat.
  3. To design and implement actions for the protection and long term restoration of the habitat.
  4. To provide support for better environmental governance in Natura 2000 sites through stakeholder involvement.

AKTI was mainly involved in the implementation of the awareness and information campaign and the dissemination activities of the project as well as the Visitor Impact Assessment.

The project partnership: Department of Forests (Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment), Department of Environment (Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment), Open University of Cyprus, Frederick University, AKTI Project and Research Centre.

UPDATE: View photos from the Visitor Impact Assessment action

UPDATE: View photos from the infrastructure created for the tourists and visitors of Juniper forests

Read the Educational Material for trainers of environmental education and students. The main target of the education material is to raise awareness and provide knowledge about the Juniper forests and the NATURA 2000 network.

Read the project’s information leaflet which is available in Greek and English.
Read the project’s newsletters and find out all about JUNIPERCY activities and events!

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For more information please visit the JUNIPERCY dedicated website