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Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)

AKTI has been actively engaged in Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM), a process for the management of coasts using an integrated approach, regarding all aspects of the coastal zone, including geographical and political boundaries, in an attempt to achieve sustainability. AKTI has also been encouraging other stakeholders to also get involved and apply it for more sustainable tourism and living in general. ICZM is a valid alternative to massive tourism development which although it provides for quick profit, it usually fails to make sustainable development an effective option. AKTI firmly believes ICZM supports maintain a healthy balance between natural resources and societal needs.

MarLitCy: Marine Litter – Together for Clean Coasts!

MarLitCy is a 28 month long project, funded by EuropeAid Programme.

Coast Alert

The EU funded project Coast Alert: Acting Regionally in a European Context.


Training Mediterranean Local Authorities And Civil Organizations On Integrated Coastal Zone Management And Reaction To The Impacts Of Climate Changes

Youth in Action for Sustainable Living

Stimulate awareness among the youth of Cyprus on the importance of coastal environment, ‘Youth in Action’ Programme

Perceptions On Sustainable Development And Climate Change In Cyprus

Survey conducted on the perceptions on sustainable development and climate change in Cyprus

Network for a sustainable future

Promote effective partnership among CSOs in Cyprus and the Mediterranean, EU and other countries, on environmental issues, sustainable development and stakeholder participation processes.


A summer camp for the youth of Cyprus to learn, discuss and act upon a sustainable future for their island.


Creating the website for the most natural coasts in Cyprus

Green Cyclists and Excursionists

Raising awareness of cyclists and excursionists regarding the conservation and protection of the environment.